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Hiring a wedding planner

When most people think of hiring a wedding planner, they think of Frank from Father of the Bride! Someone who helps with the design of your wedding, while adding lots of $$$$ to the budget. Well, that is wrong! Wedding Planners are here to help you stay on budget but we do so much more than design and budget!

I had a very good friend of mine whorecentlygot married. Her wedding wasgorgeous and she planned it all on her own. No surprise that a bride can plan her own wedding and it turn out great! She didn't want to utilize me for much because she wanted me to be a guest at the wedding and not have to work. (I can't tell you how long it's been since I have just been a guest at a wedding! And I very much enjoyed it, but at the same time I was still making sure little details we're covered - like the lights being properly dimmed before she was introduced in -Don't tell her how they we're up full blast during the cocktail hour!)

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Fastforwarda month and I get an email from her telling me that she kind of wished she would have hired a planner to help with a few things, like vendor contracts. Here are a few items that she noticed:

1) Venue says, "let's set up your rehearsal time" bride thinks, great!, we will be able to rehearse in the location that the wedding will be taking place. NOPE! At the last minute, the venue says it has an event that day, so youwon't be able to rehearse in the room where your ceremony is.

2)Photographersays, "Since you are getting married at this venue, we will give you 10% off!" Bride thinks, Sweet! Cash in my pocket! NOPE, photographer calls back to say sorry, we didn't realize you are getting married on this day, can't give you discount.

3) Photographer says, "You will get a CD with all of your pictures from your wedding!" Bride thinks, GREAT! I can make my own book and not buy theirs for a $1000 bucks! NOPE! They give you a DVD that is not a usable format.

I hear this type of story so often! It is so important to read the fine print and to hire a wedding planner that can help you make these things right! You are planning your only wedding, you have 1 shot at making it right. A wedding planner plans anywhere from 30-50 weddings a year, and know the tricks of the trade to make things perfect! We have leverage with vendors because they want our returning business. We can work to get you the things you we're promised.

These are the small things that can make you breath fire!

Let a planner handle the details, so you can enjoy your wedding planning process! We do this all the time! We know how to get you the right deals and items you we're promised!

Don't be stressed! If you hire a wedding planner you will save money because you won't need atherapist!

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