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Maxwell Hawker Centre on the edge of Chinatown

Maxwell Hawker Centre on the edge of Chinatown is happy and casual. Find a green plastic table and chair planted in the concrete floor and watch youngsters check each other out while oldsters slurp soup and shovel rice.

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Hawker Centres are open-air food halls, very popular in Singapore where the cost of living is high. Food is good and prices are cheap. At Maxwell Hawker Centre there are more than 100 stalls. It's not hard to find something you want. What is difficult is narrowing down the options and then finding somewhere to sit. Mind, if there's a packet of tissues on a seat, it's reserved.

We had a long-neck bottleof tiger beer with two frosted glasses for SGD 6, pad thai for SGD 4 and pad grapow SGD 5. The chill was hot and the beer was chilly. Delicious!

Over dinner I told the other Mrs Jones that apparently a standard greeting in Singapore is, Have you eaten yet?I believe the greeting, which is Chinese in origin,comes from times of hardship. It reflects the importance of food and is an expression of care for another's welfare. Some guidebooks advise that, even if you have eaten, the polite answer is something to the effect of Why no, let's chow!

Later, after three martinis at a nearby bar, I dragged Mrs Jones back for gyoza. I think they were deep fried rather than shallow fried and steamed like the Japanese do them, but they we're super tasty. SGD 4 for 6 pieces. So good, so cheap.

Whether or not you've eaten,I suggest a visit to Maxwell Hawker Centre.

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