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What Kind of Supplement Should I Feed My Horse?

This is a common question that many horse owners find themselves asking and we don't blame them. The equine supplement market is competitive therefore making it confusing. One company will push you to buy a supplement to help your horses coat, while another will tell you that you need a supplement to build strong joints, then another one to help with their digestion. And don't forget about the supplement that helps give your horse energy or that provides them with important vitamins and minerals. Its exhausting! And more importantly, it becomes expensive! We all know owning a horse is not cheap, but we also know horse people need to watch what they're spending while still providing their horse with a high quality product that shows consistent results.

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Before moving forward, it is important to understand what a complete vitamin and mineral supplement is. A complete supplement contains the proper balance of the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, along with a unique blend of ingredients that help to do all of the following:

Sustain a healthy immune system

Support joints and tendons

Strengthen hooves

Produce Glossy coats

Benefit muscles and nerves

Promote healing of wounds, bruising and sprains

Counter inflammation and anemia

Reduce stress and aid in exercise recovery

Increase stamina

Some use a unique ingredient called cod liver oil. This special oil contains large amounts of preformed vitamin A, vitamin D, and small amounts of the important bone and blood maintainer vitamin K. In addition, cod liver oil has the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids which will give your horse a noticeably glossy and healthy coat. We also incorporate Coenzyme Q10, Glucosamine and Biotin, which provide increased energy levels, joint support, strong hooves and recovery rates.

A famous nutritionist created our formula with all natural ingredients of the highest quality making Royal Champion the ultimate in scientifically-advanced equine supplements. To top it off its designed to be simple and hassle free for the horse owner. One scoop a day is all you need. By doing this, the owner is saving money, time and energy while still giving their horses the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy diet.

The most important thing to understand is that most likely your horse is not getting a consistent diet that is nutritious. Its difficult to measure the quality of hay and grass they are eating daily, so this is why a complete vitamin and mineral supplement is crucial and necessary to incorporate into their feed.

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