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The Things You Learn When Owning A Pet

If you've never owned a pet before, then getting a new dog or cat (or fish) can be an entirely new learning experience. While I did grow up in a family that had a few pets, they're weren't a lot of responsibilities handed down to the kids when it came to taking care of the pets. Basically, I think it was my Mom that did most of the pet care work. We did have a pet name Peppy, and a cat that was named Shadow. The cat was pretty cool, but the dog was basically neurotic. So, when I had kids of my own that got a hankering for a dog of their own, I didn't have a lot of experience to draw from.

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My wife and I held off for years about getting a pet, but eventually our three daughters wore us down, and we did eventually end up with a small puppy in our home. It has been a learning experience, I must admit. Everything from buying pet supplies, to visiting the vet, to getting her well trained have all taught me more about owning a down then I ever thought I would. But, I am happy to admit that the entire experience of owning a new dog has been a pretty good one even after three years. Primarily, because I think the kids have done the bulk of the dog care. All three of them. We we're adamant that the kids would be responsible for the dog, and I think we're of the minority of parents, that made their kids stick to that promise. All in all, it's turned out pretty darn good.

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