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3 + 1 Great Ways to Save on Travel Accomodation

Airfares are plummeting and a nice holiday overseas will do the soul good. However, holidays do tend to be expensive as most people usually spend the bulk of their money on accommodation. With a nice four to five star hotel costing at least $3oo upwards a night, can you imagine how much you will be able to splurge on the essentials such as clothes and shoes if you we're able to save on accommodation?

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The easiest way to score free accommodations yet chic style is to bunk with family or friends. Plan your holidays with either a friend or a family member who is willing to offer their floor space. Find out where your friends and family members are via Facebook or other social media that you use to help stay in touch with people. Most of the times, friends or family are more than happy to host you.

Another form of accommodation that I tend to book is Youth Hostels. Before you squirm at the thought of visiting a youth hostel, check out the YHA Grampians and YHA Apollo Bay in Victoria. Both are eco-certified, clean and comfortable (especially in winters where you are able to lounge in front of the huge fireplace). I have been to both YHAs and they are the cleaner than some of the four star hotels that I have stayed at. My partner is a true skinflint and only really likes staying at youth hostels. He enjoys the value for money and also the different people who you will meet at those places. However, he understands my need for nice hot showers that are clean so he makes sure he does his due research before he makes the booking to avoid an earful from me .

Lastly, for those who are more daring, there is "couch-surfing". The idea behind "couch-surfing" is more altruistic than scoring a freebie. According to CouchSurfing.org, "CouchSurfing seeks to internationally network people and places, create educational exchanges, raise collective consciousness, spread tolerance and facilitate cultural understanding." A friend of mine has used this service before and she had no complains. It is great for travellers on a budget and especially University students who are backpacking. Do practise common sense and be courteous towards the host and reciprocate the kindness of those people by hosting a traveller when you are able to. In short, clean up after yourself and be kind. Exercise caution and make sure you only couch surf with members who have been verified.

So, before you plan your next travel destination, save your money on accommodation and try out these new ways. The money saved will definitely be well spent on clothes, shoes and souvenirs. Enjoy your holiday!

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