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Not all batting gloves are made equal as there is substantial difference in material and quality! Today, pro batting gloves are in high demand for for the serious baseball player.

Our mission is to provide you with information to help you select the best batting gloves for you from all the popular brands like Mizuno, Easton, Franklin, TPX and Nike. Batting gloves are essential for the batter to feel comfortable at the plate, to support and protect your hands, and to deliver that extra grip on the bat.

Today batting gloves are made from a variety of high tech materials for all ages and all levels of baseball players.

A good example is the Easton Adult Stealth Speed batting gloves which feature pre-curved finger designs so that they fit your hand better allowing unrestricted finger movement.

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We have sought out the best batting gloves to select from at an affordable price range. Many players use baseball batting gloves in the field as well. They provide extra padding and support to the hand while fielding a grounder or fly ball. Pro batting gloves come in all colors ( red, black, navy, white), sizes and conform to most hand shapes.

Below I have listed what I believe are the top baseball batting gloves on the market today. I have tried each and every pair for fit, feel, comfort and gripping power.

Nike Show Elite Adult Batting Gloves

One of my Top Picks

These top gloves are worn by Alex Rodriguez and Jimmy Rollins. Both are considered to be two of the best hitters in the game today. The Cabretta leather palm provides the batter with extra grip and a nice soft feel. The popular Nike SPHERE DRY fabric allows air flow through your hands reducing moisture. The gloves spandex flex allows unrestricted movement of the the batter's hand.

I have used these elite batting gloves for one season. I was first attracted to these gloves when I saw my favorite player, Jimmy Rollins, wearing them. The gloves are very comfortable and give me a nice grip while I'm at the plate. The wrist band material feels great on my wrist and seems to add extra support. These are one of the best pair of batting gloves I've ever had. From Baseball Express for $40.00.

Louisville TPX CB1 Adult Batting Gloves

TPX batting gloves are one of the most popular brands out on the market now. Worn by the home run hitter Manny Ramirez, many hitters are in high demand for these gloves.

The fabric Lycra is located between the fingers and on the back of the hand. This gives the gloves a custom MLB fit. When your sweating a lot on a hot day, the gloves provide you with a cooler, dryer hand. These gloves have been nominated as Top Pro Grade gloves.

If professional baseball all star Manny Ramirez wears them, why can't I? These TPX gloves fit great on my hands and give me a perfect grip on my bat. They are definitely the best Louisville Slugger batting gloves I've ever tried. These gloves are perfect for any type of hitter. I see a lot of my friends using these gloves. From Baseball Express for $40.00.

Mizuno Adult Vintage Pro Game Day Batting Gloves

These Mizuno pro batting gloves are xtremely rare and can be difficult to find in stores. They are of top quality materials and includes some very soft white Cabretta leather in the palm.

In addition Mizuno's special GripFit pattern in the palm area provides very good gripping power and finger movement with minimum exertion. You will see more Major League Baseball players wearing these gloves as they are the official batting glove of Major League Baseball.

I think the gloves are awesome! Not only have I received compliments on how cool they look but the fit and feel is exceptional. I definitely feel more confident at the plate with these batting gloves because of the comfort and gripping power they provide. I would definitely recommend this product to all my baseball friends. Exclusive to Baseball Express for $35.00.

Nike Adult Team Jordan White/Roy Batting Gloves

These top notch pro batting gloves are worn by baseball superstar Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees. The batting gloves are made of ventilated mesh and flexible spandex on the back hand. This design allows sweat and moisture to escape the gloves more easily. In addition Nike has perforated the finger ares allowing for more ventilation.

I have played with these gloves and I would highly recommend them. The fit and feel are perfect on your hands, lightweight and lots of airflow through the fingers. Definitely a benefit in humid climates. These gloves can be difficult to find in stores as they are very popular. From Baseball Express fro $60.00.

Nike Adult Fuse Batting Gloves

The Nike Fuse pro batting gloves are one of the best products out in the batting glove line. The padded palm adds comfort and durability to the gloves. Nike Sphere Dry fabric reduces cling, wicks sweat and promotes cooling airflow through the glove. They offer top gripping power and have a soft feel on your hands.

One benefit that stands out in batting with these gloves is they provide an extra degree of support to my hands. These appear to be rugged and will probably last you a couple of seasons. You can't go wrong with this Nike product. They are little more than other batting gloves at $60.00 from Baseball Express.

Nike Adult Swingman Ken Griffey Jr. Batting Gloves

Designed by Major League's top hitter Ken Griffey Jr., the Swingman's are the hottest pair of batting gloves out. Extremely hard to find at stores, and many players are clearing them out online.

The gloves multi-layered, genuine leather adds durable grip. The high-tech Nike Dri-FIT ventilation zones allow air to flow through your hands while your at bat.

I really love the new Griffey gloves. They are well worth every dollar they cost. I get great grip on the bat while I'm batting and they are very comfortable on my hands. I recommend them as a top pick. From Baseball Express for $30.00.

Louisville TPX SRG Bionic Adult Batting Gloves

You would not expect anything less form Louisville. As TPX's top product, these gloves are in high demand. The gloves are made of a new patented padding system for batting gloves. This uniquely engineered padding greatly reduces vibration to the hand.

Lycra motion zones improve flexibility and reduce glove bunching up. The wrist cuff gives nice support and comfort to the hand.

These unique bionic gloves feel awesome on my hands and I would recommend them to any baseball player. From Baseball Express for $40.00.

How to Wear Batting Gloves Video

Here is a great video on the proper way to wear batting gloves and their benefits. Basically, gloves should not be to tight on your hand and thus restrict finger movement. You also want to be sure the gloves are well ventilated and can easily discharge moisture. Quality batting gloves like Mizuno have a very good palm grip pattern for maximum control on the bat.

Don't throw out last years batting gloves just because they stink up your sports bag. Check out how to clean batting gloves.

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